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Linde 396 – H50T IC forklift


5 tonne LPG

Max Lift Height


Load capacity retained to lift height (Standard Masts) Duplex and Triple masts also available

5000kg to 6850mm @ 600mm load centre


With a capacity range from 5000 up to 8000 kg this is the largest fork lift truck in an outstanding new series, which combines rugged power and performance with controlled refinement for smooth precise handling of heavy, high value loads. The unique Linde Torsional Support system absorbs up to 30 per cent of the dynamic torsional effects generated by heavy bulky loads, resulting in exceptionally stable and safe load handling in the toughest of operating conditions. Powered by a modern, high performance 87 kW diesel engine and the virtually maintenance-free Linde forklift hydrostatic transmission system, this fine heavy truck range displays an agility and versatility which is second to none. From the spacious and superbly comfortable operator’s compartment, which is isolated and cushioned from road shocks and vibrations the operator is able to work with fatigue-free efficiency throughout the shift.


With loads weighing up to 8000kg, safe and precise load handling is ensured by the unique Linde Torsion Support. Up to 30% less mast distortion can be realised. An enormous advantage, even on higher lift heights. This unique design also enables slimmer mast profiles to be fitted for outstanding visibility.


A truck designed to take care of the really tough applications. Advanced drive technology with powerful diesel and LPG engines combined with the original Linde Load Control enables the operator to use the truck’s vast potential to perform every day, shift by shift.


Step in relaxed, leave again relaxed. Linde brings to this forklift a generously sized automobile-class workspace. A perfect interface between operator and truck has been achieved with the Linde ergonomic design concept. The spacious cab, comfort-class seat with adjustable armrest and intuitive controls allow fast and stress-free working.


50 years of continuous optimisation of the original Linde hydraulic system are combined with robust industrial engines. The result is absolute reliability. The power unit with two maintenance-free displacement pumps for driving and lifting is designed for ease of operation in the most arduous tasks.


Effective and cost efficient at work: The original Linde hydrostatic transmission works without gearshift, clutch, differential and drum brakes. As a result, uptime is optimised, and maintenance costs are low. The three-way isolation of the operator’s compartment, chassis and engine significantly reduces oscillation and vibration to maximise productivity.

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